Product description

The AWS vacuum flush is used as a cleaning device in storage basins and in retaining channels for rainwater treatment.

If overflow occurs after a heavy rainfall, that exceeds the capacity of the downstream treatment plant, the basins and reservoirs fill with dirty water. During the stagnation, the water comes to rest and contaminants sink to the bottom. As no high flow velocities usually occur during emptying, the deposits remain on the bottom of the basin. These dirt deposits reduce the retaining capacity, form bad odours, contain harmful germs and attack the concrete of the structures. Usually, regular cleaning of the facilities cannot be avoided. By using the AWS vacuum flush, the tank cleaning can be carried out both automatically and fully automated.

The AWS vacuum flush consists of individual system components. Assembly or disassembly of the system, replacement of individual consumables. As a result, maintenance and service work are easy to carry out.



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