The user-friendly process control system

Product description

The user friendly SCADA system SCADA V10 monitors and documents the processes on centralised and decentralised plants. The highly integrated SCADA package visually displays all via modern multi-touch capable display. This allows for optimal graphic analysis and contains a complete alarm management system. Alongside the legal ordinances the basis of the logging system contains the technical bulletins and official reporting standards instructions of the authorities in each country. SCADA V10 is the innovative open SCADA system from a single source. SCADA.web is a comprehensive complete solution which covers all aspects of a modern online SCADA system.

  • completely modular SCADA package
  • Delta-Event-Plus archiving
  • scalable and open
  • mandate-capable authorisation system
  • high-performance – Microsoft SQL-Server
  • highly available (Cluster/hot standby redundancy)
  • SCADA solution in water, energy and waste management
  • Waterworks, processing plants, treatment plants, Landfills
  • Biogas plants, wind and water power plants

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