Communities, associations, operators
Engineering offices and planners
Public utilities companies
Industry and trade
Original equipment manufacturers, OEM providers
Construction companies
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Government agencies and institutions
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Engineering offices
and planners

What is important to you as a planner when you conceptualise systems and installations for the water management industry, energy industry and other infrastructure industries? Certainly that they are efficiently designed and assessed. HST supports you with exactly this – thanks to creative solutions. Be it with marketleading products, projection recommendations, circumspect planning, for example when calculating the cost effectiveness, the creation of drawings and announcement texts or a comparison for investment and operation costs and, finally, of course with implementing the project.

Use for instance our new web-based configurators for the layout of machines and IT (e.g. for ASK weirs, SCADA systems) or have an individual consultation with us.

Trading Companies

Innovative solutions at fair prices and first-class support with product selection are crucial against the fierce competition. We know that especially in water management, but also in regenerative energy industry, large renovation and new construction projects are planned in the coming years in many places. Let‘s tackle this together. Profit from our know-how from over 8,000 projects. We consult with you backed by 27 years of experience in planning, constructions and product development.

Are your customers construction companies, communities, government agencies or industry? Together, we find the best solution for everyone.

Every project is different. It is thus extremely important to be able to flexibly adapt to new framework conditions. We have proven this until now with over 8,000 projects and numerous products.