Networking is clearly the mega-trend over the coming years. This applies to automobiles, to our working life and leisure activities. Our surroundings are becoming smarter. Intelligently networked machines and installations are supporting us more than ever before. Optimised interlinking of the individual components within a complete system is the key to achieving maximum efficiency. Data is converted to useful information, which when combined in a transparent and clever manner create a massive leap forward in knowledge. This applies particularly to the water and energy industries which through networking can achieve major improvements in effi ciency. For this reason HST systems are networked at every level. The members of our teams are from a range of disciplines and cooperate to ensure that by use of IT and automation our machinery and installations are intelligently planned, controlled and combined. We have proven this in the over 8,500 successful projects we have carried out. HST is driven by the philosophy of making maximum usage of networking and has now optimised installations, process techniques and key technologies which are ideally suited to the technical operating equipment of special plant and installations. HST not only offers the most suitable products, but also takes on the running of the complete project implementation and subsequent service tasks. At the end there is a tailored solution which is not only the most economical one but is easy to oversee.